Monday, October 24, 2005

The White Sox Visit the Blog!

WOW. I just discovered a posting on the blog from Katie Kirby, director of public relations for the White Sox. Check comment by Rocket Man after my GO SOX posting. I know some Kirbys from growing up in Dickinson, North Dakota, but don't remember a Katie. Anyway, Rocket Man, however you learned of this blog, welcome and thank you for the kind words. Like so many others, I've been waiting 46 years for my team to win the Series. THe entire bone marrow unit here at the hospital knows of my allegiance to the White Sox, and I must admit your winning has been very therapeutic for me. I will focus on getting better, but I can still send good karma to my team. so....GO SOX! I'm with you all the way. Dan


Robin and Jay said...

Dan, great to se you yeaterday! Glad that the nausea has departed, and that the blod counts are climbing! It amazes me that the stem cells can figure out what to do, become bone marrow, and start making blood cells.
Great day out my window today! I spent most of the day building a relationship with a new computer. Not love at first sight, I can assure you. Who would think that the new Nalco security would be able to drop my connection to dial up speeds!
I did get out late in the day for a Fall ritual - raking leaves. My back! - Jay

Brother Ted said...

I'll say that this day has been great, kind of like finding a great prize in the Cracker Jack box. Your growing numbers, the posting from Rocket Man, and the supportive comments from so many people, has just given this day a great feeling.

Brett said...

You're just about one of the most blessed people I've ever seen! That's amazing. How do people do this stuff? On another note, I've been wanting to tell you how great it was to see you for such a nice visit last Friday. You looked great, you sounded great, and your sense of humor is still in tact, and that's what counts. Be well, my friend; you're going to need the energy for the recovery. I'm coming to visit again soon.