Thursday, October 27, 2005


Just saw my doctor and he gave the choice to go home today or tomorrow. Hmmmm. Not a difficult choice. I will be discharged this afternoon. Counts continue to move upward. For the biologists among you bloggers, my neutrophils are at around 530, white cells .7, platelets 28 and hematocrit (red cells) 25. The hematocrit number is the threshhold for transfusion so I am currently receiving 1 pint of blood and will receive another later this morning. This is entirely expected. My energy levels continue to be very low, but being home will be great. We will continue to keep you advised over the next weeks/months through the blog. I can't say it enough: thank you everyone for all your prayers, support and love.

My sister Kate (Kathy) will be arriving on Sunday to help around the house as I will need close to 24 hour care for the first few weeks until my counts get back up to better levels. THat will be nice since I haven't seen her in a few years.

And aren't those White Sox something else? What a team. Houston just couldn't hit those White Sox pitchers. and those 2 last outs by Juan Uribe were something. Many of you may not know that he was once a Colorado Rockie. In typical Rockie's fashion, since he was such a fine player, we traded him.

Finally, my "brother Ted" and his son, "the other Ted" have begun work on the hardcopy book. They have asked once again that each of you bloggers send him your picture, either digitally via email, or hard copy via regular post. Ted's address is Ted Bettridge, 4296 Grove St., Denver, CO 80211. Photos that come through email should be in a JPG or JPEG format.

Love, Dan


Dorothy said...

Way to go Dan and the White Sox! I had a feeling they would take it in 4! You're correct the Rockies seem to trade the good ones!!! I can only imagine how wonderful you will feel at home! Again please let us know how we can help! Love the Seals

Arlene said...

Safe home.

Doug Kappel said...

AMEN !!!!!!!

Alexis Williams said...

THE SOX ARE THE CHAMPIONS! absolutely amazing way to win the series. everyone from the south side is grinning ear to ear. i love the quote from konerko - "We don't have a lot of all-star type guys. We've got a bunch of low-maintenance, low-key guys here. I don't think that when we're done, we'll have any guys who will make you say, 'That guy was the best player in the league at his position.' ..."
totally sums up the team and their overall vibe. great series and phenomenal sweep.
glad that you are getting out today - always a good sign to get out of a hospital earlier than expected, right? you're in my thoughts.

spike said...

Fantastic Dan!! Happy for you,Susan,the girls and the SOX.

greg b. said...

Christ, Patterson. What some people will do for attention!
I was lecturing a couple of days ago and watching my students squirm with anxiety and apprehension. They were stressed about life..their young and silly lives. I was silent for a moment and then directed them to pull out a piece of paper and write down what they considered the 'good' and 'bad' in their lives. Predictably, they were stressed about meaningless crap and oblivious to the blessings in their lives. I told them that a wise man once shared with me a book that opened my eyes to the fact that the past is gone and the future in unknown and all we can hope to do is to embrace this very moment. I then realized that I had not been in contact with that wise man in a long time and that he was probably doing a lot of reflecting on his blessings and I just wanted to tell him (you) welcome home.
Nice work getting tweedle dumb and tweedle dumber to do your hard copy. I hope you've done more research on your doctors...

bri said...

like you said easy choice. there's no place like home. keep in touch.

Ingrid said...

To all the bloggers, that were not able like me to see Dan for quite a while:
I got to Denver last night and this morning I went with Susan to see our brave heroe:DAN
Let me tell you my impression:
He is just the man, no doubt, he is the best!
But seeing him unfortunately I can tell, how exhausted and tired he is. Actually I left after about 15 minutes, because I did not want to stress him. Even talking today seemd hard work for him.
So I hope he will get stronger soon, that the red blood cells do their work also and that home sweet home helps him a lot.

If you bloggers remember, I few weeks ago I played with Dan the 20 questions game, for the little gift I had for him. Well, he still owed me 17 questions, but I brought it to the hospital.
It is three posters, one of Tuscan villas and two of Tuscan landscapes.
You should have seen his eyes, when he saw the landscapes. As tired as they are, as bright they got for a few minutes, smiling, looking forward to a wonderful future being there, in Tuscany.

So that was great, I'm so glad I was there, finally seeing Dan again, seeing his hospital room, seeing the machine that he was hanging on a few weeks ago, knowing, and getting more in touch with what Dan actually is dealing with.
I would say, that all of us are real honored to know him and can be thankful that he accepts us as his friends.
I for sure Dan, am honored to be your friend and most honored that you allow me to be a tiny little bit on your side. I admire you unbelievably, you're sooooo great, wonderful, strong and loving!

And my big, big, big compliment to Susan: she became the woman, she changed a lot. Still in July, she was so scared of all of that, she only could cry. Now, now Dan has on his side a strong woman, who growed a lot, who became just as brave as he is, she knows now, where priorities are, and what is truly important in life. I'm sorry she had to go through so much pain to get there, but I'm glad she reached this uplevel part of life. I'm really proud of her.

And now, I guess we can count the hours until Dan is home, what a great day !!!

the other ted said...

Dan and Susan,

Glad (and slightly amazed) to hear that you are already going home. Please don't hesitate to call me if you or Susan need anything; errands, whatever. I have nothing but time on my hands.
Blog Book is coming along splendidly.
Look forward to seeing you soon.


Brother Ted said...

The Blog Book, what an odd name, is 60 some pages and growing. Pictures and additional comments are welcome. The pictures are important because they give a feeling that the person who posted the blog is there and talking to Dan, Susan, the girls and this wonderful circle of friends. Please send pictures and/or additional comments to or via snail mail to 4296 Grove St, Denver,CO 80211-1620. Thanks from Tweedle Dumber aka brother ted.

Mike P. said...

Dan: I didn't like baseball as a kid. I saw my first big league game as a 40 year old in 1990 I believe. It was the White Sox vs. the Kansas city Royals. I remember because Bo Jackson was playing for KC and I had followed him through college football. The point of all this is that the game was at the old Comiskey Park, the last year it was open. I was at NAS Glenview on an active duty tour and called Ticketmaster or some such and they gave me seats about 10 rows up on the first base line. That night I fell in love with baseball. The sound of a fastball compared to the sound of a curve hitting the catchers glove was what impressed me the most. Somehow that raw power just doesn't convey itself over the TV--only in person. So-- I'm glad the Sox won and I am thrilled your CBC's are all up. I'm going elk hunting in the Flattops 4th season (Nov. 16-20) and it sounds like some rare elk steaks would be just the thing to get those red corpuscles procreating. Think Susan would let you indulge? I'll keep in touch.

Molly said...

I'm so glad to hear that your on your way home. I'll bet it feels great to be getting out of that hospital. See you soon!
Much love,

Mike Rosenberg said...

Wonderful news. I am so happy for you, Susan, and the kids. Keep getting better. You are sorely missed around here. Mike

Patty Nelms said...

Nothing, oh nothing is quite like your own bed and pillow! You'll feel 100% better Dan and your energy will come back in no time . . . that is if you don't overdo it! Congratulations on your discharge papers. You've worked really really hard to get to this point and it's a truly miraculous event. You were/are the key to your own healing process. You're very impressive!! I'm honored to be a member of this tribe of friends.

Keep up the great work and positive attitude. (Glad the White Sox won for you!)
Love, P
Mike sends his love too!