Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sunday Morning

Good Morning everyone. We are now at day 7 and I'm still doing OK. My counts started to fall yesterday (I don't know what they are today yet), but as they fall I suppose my energy will drop. But so far,so good. Brother Mike left early this morning after visiting for 6 days and helping around the house. My mother will be leaving later today. My family has been tremendous during this difficult time. I have so enjoyed the new faces that continually pop up on the blog. I have realized that even if no posts are made, many of you are checking on my progress on a regular basis. You are the greatest. My wish for you today is that you receive a taste of what you have given me and have a wonderful Sunday. Love, Dan


Dorothy said...

Good Morning Pattersons. Yes Dan we do check this site regularly to see how things are going. It helps so much to know how you are doing without putting pressure on you all to return phone calls. Today will be a quiet Sunday since Greg is out of town, I can watch the Sunday news shows and talk back to them about "issues" without Greg trying to convince my otherwise! I do believe that he is starting to see my point of view on many issues! Maybe there is stil hope for him!! Have a great day! Love The Seals.

Howie said...

Good Morning Fuzz,

Sitting in the Minneapolis airport and thought I'd check in. Say hi to Mom for me.

I had an idea on how to get you through this whole ordeal although you seam to be doing fairly well on your own.

Here's my idea; How 'bout we declare you an honorary Southsider. That should give you some extra strength to fight this thing. Now I'll probably have to check with Smitty,Hutz and some other Southsiders but I don't think it should be a problem. Of course you would have to recind you affiliation with the northside.
It's up to you.

Glad things are still going well. You have never let anything lick you except your old dog Ganguis(sp).


Ingrid said...

Good morning, while you're hopefully sleeping still, it's only 4 am in Denver now, and having wonderful dreams about your upcoming holiday in Siena in a secluded Villa, on top of a hill, with a beautiful panarama to look at, in a sunny September day of 2006, taking you away Susan for a few hours, so you can meditate and coming back with her and some Lasagne for a great dinner.
That I promise, I will help you find, as soon as you give me the ok for it. And we will have lots of fun only choosing places, not even talking about being here. And being here with you, is much more fun than without you. I had such a great time last year when you were here. It is thanks to the two of you, that Elena (my daughter, for who does not know me) started to think differently about coming to Denver and when she did, she just loved it.
But in the meanwhile, I can't wait being in Denver again, with my wonderful Byron of course, but also seeing you two again, and giving you a stroooooong hug.
Wait for me, I'm coming soon.

Ingrid said...

Just to give you a first touch of what I am thinking about, although this is not really secluded, as they have a few rooms there to rent, look at this:
they are friends of mine, and anyway, at least you get four pictures of your beloved Tuscany.
Love, Ingrid