Monday, October 31, 2005

Susan's Monday Morning Report

Yesterday Dan's sister Kate drove him to the cancer center for his daily blood workup and neupogen shot so that I could have a little break and remind myself that Sunday mornings were meant for a good cup of coffee and a voluminous newspaper. Unfortunately for Kate, Dan needed an IV of potassium and magnesium and the short visit turned into a 3 hour stay at the clinic. I, of course, worried to no end as I waited for them to return. She will be driving Dan to the clinic this morning to give me another break. Dan's numbers continue to move slowly upward, although he constantly exclaims how totally exhausted he is. Patience I tell myself, patience.

Sunday was not to remain just numbers, doctors and worry however. Our friends, the Neenans arranged a most precious visit. A statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary from Medjugorje, Yugoslavia is now in our family room and she will be with us for several days. This is one of 10 replicas of the statue that permanently resides in Medjugorje, although this is the only one that travels. There is so much to be said but words cannot do justice to the experience. She is 8 feet tall, has the most wonderous face and seems so filled with devotion, intention and prayer that to be in the same space with her is extraordinary.

Carl, who is responsible for the Vactican making and delivering her to Colorado, sees transporting her to wherever she is needed as his ministry. He asks only that a rosary be said daily. Catherine, Julia, Kate, Nancy and Jim Neenan, Dan and I said the rosary yesterday and felt overwhelmed by the peace and grace of the moment.

To me this is such a gift. Since Dan became ill 7 months ago, the only solace I have found has been in the rosary and the hundreds of Hail Marys I've said to calm myself down when things felt so bleak. I look at her now in my family room and believe in the power of prayer. She will leave on Tuesday or Wednesday morning, if you would like to see her, please call, as we would love to share her. Love, Susan


Hangster said...

What a beautiful gift to have the Blessed Virgin Mary from Medj in front of you praying the rosary. Some wonderful things have come from that place, it has definately changed our lives. We will be in prayer with you. Thanks for sharing. Doug & Deb

Doug Kappel said...

Ditto to what Doug and Deb said ! Even tho you are out of the hospital, our thoughts and our prayers are with you.

Lynne said...

Thanks, Susan, for the update and sharing your feelings. I think of you all often and am saying special prayers every day for Dan's continued recovery. Love, Lynne

Patty Nelms said...

wow Dan! What an amazing experience - Mother Mary, full of grace. I hope you are feeling stronger everyday. I am thinking of you daily.
Love, P

Arlene said...


As I said yesterday - truly amazing. What a gift!

I remembered us standing in the school yard, every day in May, reciting the rosary in front of our school's statue of Mary.

We have a video store here in Croton whose owner loved to stock the "old" movies on video. The first time I went in there, about 15 years ago, I found both the stories of Lourdes and Fatima, both of which I had seen zillions of times as a child. I still rent them on occasion, and they still have the same effect in my heart.

Bernadette in Lourdes, Lucia, Francisco and Jucinta in Fatima, and in our time, the children of Medjugorje. I believe that she comes to the children because they believe without reservation. (Lucia of Fatima died just this year! I remember reading this in the paper and feeling deeply saddened because she was very real to me.)

"Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

Who better to bring a clear message of faith to us all than the unclogged mind and heart of a child.

Be blessed by your gift. Let it bring peace to your home.

But most of all, have faith, like a child, for Dan's full recovery and for your family's strength and courage during this time.

Also, when you are scared or down, remember that you are in the hearts of so many who are praying daily for you all.

I love you,