Monday, October 24, 2005

Slowly Turning the Corner

My doctor has already been in to see me this morning and reports that I now have 15 neutrophils (yesterday was 0) and my platelets went from 16 (thousand) to 18 (thousand). can't remember what the while cell count was, but no matter. We are now turning the corner as my body is now starting to produce its own cells. Now we wait for the numbers to rise and when they get to a certain level, I get to go home(I think I need 50 neutrophils and not sure about white count or platelets). Yesterday was a rougher day as I was so totally and completely exhausted and then got nauseous. (sp?) But I'm feeling better today and am greatly encouraged by the begining of the production of cells. As Dr. Rifkin said this morning: "you're doing awesomely." Looking forward to counts rising and going home, maybe in a week or so. Dan


Rich Boulger said...


I have been trying to figure out how to use this blog thing. I may have finally done it. I called your mother last night for advice, she told me to have one of my kids figure it out (very funny).

I am glad to hear that you are still a White Sox fan. They seem like a remake of the 1969 Mets. I think they will win it all. The locals are fired up, although the Cubs fans cannot seem to cheer for the Sox. To follow the Chicago perspective on Sox you should try to listen on your PC to the following: In particular the morning show with a guy named Mike North who is a big Sox fan.

I am delighted that you are beginning to get some good news. I will stay tuned on the blog site. Please let me know if we can do anything. You are in our prayers and thoughts.



Alexis Williams said...

What a game last night! Reporting from ground zero - all of ChiTown is humming with energy...I love October.
Good to hear that your white blood cells are up and running. Will now be keeping track as my mom sent me your blog. Will keep you posted on Chicago gossip.
PS - Joe Crede lives in my friend's apt building during the season. If I run into him in the elevator, I think I may just be speechless and forced to simply hug him. GO SOX!

Lynne said...

FANTASTIC news, Dan! I can't express, in words, how happy I am for you, so am sending lots of hugs instead!

Ingrid said...

I am with Lynn, I too can't express in words my happiness for you. It is so great to finally read the number of growing cells.
But sorry to read also about this bad nausea yesterday, which you mentioned already in my answer on the blog.
Hey Dan, just figure out, the worst is past, is history already.
A big hug to you AND Susan, and soon, I will give them to you! I can't wait !!!

Dan's Mom said...

I guess one of his kids must have helped Rich as I see he made it on the blog. I am delighted about your numbers going up and can imagine how you are hoping you can go home. Susan will be so delighted to have you back home. Now if one of the high school kids can help your sister she may be able to get on too. Love,Mom

Arlene said...

This is the Best News! The Sox got a homerun, but you are going for the Grand Slam and whole Series all by yourself!

Mike Rosenberg said...


I'm so excited to hear that you are turning the corner and will be back in the office next week to help me try my case on November 8th (just kidding). The trial has been greatly simplified thanks to a high-low settlement we reached on Friday. We will have a 3 day negligence only trial (causation and damages are not at issue). All motions are withdrawn. Jury gets to answer the question of negligence (i.e. no motions for directed verdict or motions for judgment notwithstanding the verdict). No appeals and payment to be made within two weeks of the jury's verdict. The numbers are confidential so I will tell you in person (or over the phone), whichever you prefer. Long and the short of it is: If the defendant was negligent, we get the high. If not, we get the low. It was nice seeing you last week. I would love to come see you again. Let me know when is a good time. I am free all week. Love, Mike

Pam Ingram said...


It's Pam Boulger Ingram - haven't
seen you since living in Colorado in late 80's. I'm back now, for good I hope. I'm living and working in Parker.

Rich passed on info about you - sorry to hear what you've been going thru. Glad to see today that things are improving.

Heard Mike and your Mom were in town - haven't seen either of them for ages. Hope they are well.

I'm not too far away, so if the family needs anything, please feel free to contact me. I would love to see you all again and catch up.

Pam Ingram

spike said...

Great news Dan. The Sox are up 2-0 and your counts are up. Sorry yesterday was so rough. As Ingrid said, "the worst is past." Soon you'll be going home.Spike

the other ted said...

Hey Dan,

Sorry I haven't written for a few days. I have actually been putting together the booklet of the Blog and have been just touched by all the comments - some of which I had missed over the weeks. Not a bad extended family.
I wish I could come and visit you but I still have a bit of a cold. THinking about you everyday.
Oh, by the way, I called in the big guns; My friend Sarah is one of those people who just exudes peace, as does her grandmother and her Grandma leads this massive prayer circle in Chicago. Figured it couldn't hurt to have them throw your name into the mix (a couple thousand extra positive thoughts can't be bad).
Thinking about you and Susan and the girls everyday and hope that you are all doing well.
Ted (the other)

Dan said...

I am and continue to be overwhelmed by such support from family and friends. I am unable to express in words what it means to me, other than what I have said before. I have had many moments since my diagnosis to reflect, contemplate, mourn, wonder, and to hope. As I approached this transplant I also met many fears. Knowing you were there cheering me on has kept me going. You have given me not just the strength to endure these last 7 months but much hope for a brighter healthier future. thank you so much for being there. Love, Dan

Ingrid said...

Dan, YOUR strenght and power and PMA made all my days in the past few months worthwhile.
Byron and I love you.
I love Susan.
And I guess all the bloggers are with me in saying that we love you.

Hope also the nausea is gone.

bri said...

hey dan:
go white sox! they look pretty good, don't they!
am really glad to hear your counts are going up.
sounds like you could be going home real soon.
good luck and i'm sending good vibes your way.
astros have their best pitcher coming up, so if
the sox get past him, its pretty much over.
keep on truckin