Friday, October 21, 2005

A Project

Hello everyone. My sons and I have in mind a project that will capture the notes and the healing energy that all of you have put into this blog. We would like to create a book using your comments. We would like that book to contain a photo of each person who has contributed a comment to the blog. If you have not posted a comment and would like to submit a comment and your photo we would welcome those submissons too. Whichever catagorey you fall into please submit a photo and/or comments to or send via land mail to Ted Bettridge, 4296 Grove St., Denver, CO 80211. Photos that come through email should be in a JPG or JPEG format.

As Dan has told you, your daily postings are a tremendous part of his healing process. Thanks to all of you and I look forward to receiving your photos and/or comments. By the way I have solid information from an inside source that Dan's favorite baseball team, since he was a kid, is the Chicago White Sox. His room could use a little decorating for the upcoming series. A jersey, a cap, you get the idea.


Ingrid said...

21st October
Seems to be a really important day.
Day one for Dan with new cells growing ??? let's hope so.
Begin to organize Dan's book, which I told Susan in an e-mail on the 31st of March to write. I told her in that e-mail of the 31st of March: And last not least, start to write a diary, take notes of everything, you will need it to write the "book of victory"!

Dear Dan,
I apologize for writing you this long e-mail, but I have to send it to you.
I highly risk to be exposed to a lot of critic for that, but I have to take this risk.
Sorry, but something inside of me, I don’t know what it is, needs me to send you this e-mail.

I want to apologize to all the bloggers, you don’t have to read this and to justify myself a little bit with those who want to read it, let me tell you and Dan: YES I definitively know that my content of this e-mail is not important, there is definitively no way to compare it anyhow to what Dan is going through, so the last thing I intend to do here is say: look at me, how good I am, or I am better than Dan, or here I am telling Dan what to do.
NO, none of that.
But still, I hope to be able to give Dan a little help or showing him a little bit who I am, knowing him only since September 2004, when he came to Siena, showing him a little bit that no matter what diagnosis you get, you have to fight. My diagnosis is smooth, nothing compared to Dan’s but still it is a change of life and he hopefully today has a big change of life too, so I want him to read what others can say years after a change of life.

I hope that YOU Dan understand what I want to tell you here, because all that matters is that YOU understand it in the right way.

Here we are, today is my 25th anniversary of being diabetic and that’s why it connects so much to you, although you say your new birthday was a week ago, I would hope for you today to have the first time a result of new cells growing, so for me today should become your new birthday, and in 25 years I want you to write me an e-mail with the title of 25 years later and me send one to you with the title of 50th diabetes anniversary. It will not be easy, but we can do it!

25 years are gone, passed since I got diagnosed with Diabetes.

9 125 days or
219 000 hours or

40 000 injections or
72 500 sticks for controls

4 times in a diabetic coma, thousands of Hypos (that’s when the bloodsugar drops to low), hundrets of high values, continuosly not feeling well, like now, that I’m sitting here at the desk writing you while my hands tremble, but trying not to let it realize to anybody, because long time sick people are no fun.

So what should I do today?
Well, celebrate of course!
Because, ... when I was told 25 years ago that I would be diabetic for the rest of my life (and I had no idea by that time, what that meant) I was pictured an image of an amputied, blind, dialysis treated woman 25 years later.

And if I could deal with the Diabetes Diagnosis by that time, I still now can not deal with the risk of those consequences.

THEREFORE all my daily controls, therefore all my hypos, nothing in life comes for free, everything has its price,
and my price for
1) being still able to walk, to run, to stepp and to dance (which I love, but barely do anymore),
2) still being able to see my daughter, my family, my most beloved man Byron, who had to go through the worst pain a human being could ever go through, and who I admire sooooooooo immensly for how he’s dealing with life, and you, who is now dealing with the other worst problem a human being could ever deal with, managing it so bravely in such a positive way
3) still not even knowing what it means to be on dialysis,

well my price for all of that is checking continously my bloodsugar, therefore having two already black and ugly fingercups, which I try continously to hide, and l o t s of hypos.
Of course, nothing at all compared to you, but still a change of life.

And as if God would have listened me, as if He wanted to give me a reward for maybe having done pretty well those last 25 years, to celebrate this day, which I want to consider a victory, he organized the Pantera to have a mushroom and chestnut dinner, which I both love.

I would like to bring over some dessert, but I do not yet know how many people will be there. Lots of them I do not even know, but who cares, I would like everybody to celebrate this, my victory day, whether I know them or not.

My special thanks goes to my diabetes doctor in Vienna Dr. Howorka, she only knows what I'm talking about, being diabetic too, to my mother, for introducing me years ago to this icon/pope of Diabetes, to my daughter Elena, who in Hypo situations brings me only things I love to eat and to my wonderful man Byron, for accepting me with this diabetes, for dealing with me with this diabetes, for opening his door to me although the diabetes, for helping me in tough hypo situations, doing exactly the right thing, for loving me although I have this diabetes.

And my biggest wish goes to you Dan. I wish you to be able to continue to deal so greatly and well with your diagnosis, accepting it and fighting it all the time, with no interruption, never mind how tired you’re, believe me, people never ask how tired we are in fighting our inside devils, they, without knowing it, they just pretend that we do, they just expect us to do. And we have a neverending war to fight here, one battle after the other, no rest, no interruption, it just goes on and on and as we want to win, have to win, will win, we are stronger than it. Never ever forget this, it is the most valuable advice I allow myself to give you, knowing that for sure you do not even need my advice.

When the situation starts to get tough, only the tough ones start to play. And you, you are a tough one!!!

Good luck !!!

Dan said...

Thank you Ingrid and you should not apologize for anything on this blog. Yes, Susan and I have known of your diabetes and like so many others, that's about all we knew. we certainly did not know of the daily struggles, because you are so cheerful, bright and positive. Who would ever think you were in pain, you certainly wouldn't be complaining. Your post touches on something I have just realized since my diagnosis. Many many people in this world are carrying burdens that are very painful, trying, and challenging, and they rarely complain or even raise the issue. Rather they try to live their lives as best they can. So many people have confided in me, just as you have done on this blog, Ingrid, about a struggle of theirs. Each time I was stunned to learn that the person had or was continuing to face such a serious condition and never once spoke of it.

Many people ask me how cancer has changed me. That lesson isn't over yet, but I can say this: I have realized that there are many people who have or are suffering more than I am. And second, a kind word, telling someone "I love you", or making a kind gesture can truly make a difference in someone's day, especially when he/she is having a particularly difficult day. Imagine what this world would be like if we supported each other on a daily basis in the manner that you all have supported me through this cancer treatment. I'm sure we all have people in our lives whom we love, but to whom we have not said "I love you" recently. That might be a place to start.

Mike Kerins said...

So were do we send the White Sox paraphernalia, what address? Hope your day is going well. I just got done with an interview with Citigroup and I’m flying to NYC tomorrow for a week of interviews. Hope Catherine’s interview went well on Wednesday.

Tell Mrs. Patterson(Susan) I will say hi to NYC for her!


Ingrid said...

Thank you Dan for your nice words.
And I definitively agree, and enlarge the things we should give and receive every day: a smile, a compliment, a hug and the words: I love you! Those are the four most important things to me, they help so much, especially when we have a bad day. All the rest is luck or something we can do without. If we receive and if we can give those four things every day, then we have everything that matters.

And tell me,.. did you make it to be on day 1) today, are any new cells grown yet?

Brother Ted said...

Anniversario Felice! Ché storia bella della sopravvivenza. I superstiti allineare hanno così tanto insegnarli circa vita.

Brother Ted said...

BIG MIKE and others, White Sox items can be sent to 145 Garfield St, Denver,CO 80206-5516. Susan can make sure that items are okay for Dan's room and then get the stuff over to Dan. There will be three more games after tonight and then there will be a victory celebration in Chicago.

Also a thanks for the rapid response to our request for pictures and/or comments to be placed in the SCOOPONDAN BLOG book.