Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Morning Update

Feeling a bit better today. Just an initial reaction to the second high dose chemo, I suspect. I would still appreciate a call before visitors come today and tomorrow to make sure I'm still doing OK. My cell is 303-907-3546. Today is looking kind of busy so far, so tomorrow may be a better day, provided tomorrow's activities don't hit me too hard. Tomorrow I get my stem cells back and begin with the neupogen shots again to stimulate bone marrow replacement and cell growth. Other than the red cells, my counts are still in the normal range so we have some dropping to do on those fronts before regrowth will occur. I suspect, however, given the red cell counts that those transfusions will start either today or tomorrow. Thanks again for everthing. I can't say it enough how important it is to me during this time to be receiving your love and support. It truly does keep me going ... and going.... and going.... LOve, Dan


Howie said...


Just a note to let you know we're checking on your progress daily so keep posting when you can.

Good to hear your feeling better today. I knew those positive vibes I was sending would kick in. I'll be sending some more. You keep plugging along and we'll try and keep our end of the deal.

Give my love to the family.


Brother Ted said...

Glad to hear that you are bouncing back from the "poison" they gave you on Monday and Tuesday.

I am sure you know that song from the "Sound of Music" that has the line "Somewhere in my youth or childhood I must have done something good."

Well in your case, and as evidenced by the number of people who love you, and send their support to you on a daily basis, it is obvious that you have done a life time of good. By the way, what is this "stubbornness" that people speak of? They must have that confused with the fact that "when you are right, you are right."

Today those stem cells are going to start doing their work so you can get back out there and continue touching the lives of people. Peace and Grace my friend.