Saturday, October 29, 2005

Counts Continue to Rise

8 a.m. visit to the clinic. white cells and platelets continue to rise slowly; neupogen shot to keep boosting the white cell production. Energy waxes and wanes. My sister, Kathy, arrived this morning. How nice to have her here. She will help spell Susan from the 24 hour monitoring (although I think I may be interesting it must be so boring to have to watch me all day). I feel we are on the road to recovery. My cousin Rich understates our summers and time together. Every summer he visited us for a week and I got to spend a week with his family on the other side of the state. I felt like he was another brother of mine, and still feel that way. We played baseball, whiffle ball, went to the swimming pool and hung out together. I have fond memories of great summers spent with Rich and am glad he has figured out this blogging thing. My love to all, Dan


Patty Nelms said...

I'm happy to give Susan or Kathy a break, should that be an option. I don't have cooties!

Hopefully, you're getting some good rest now that you're home. Tell everyone I said hello. Call if you need me!

Love, P

Jim & Sue Robertson said...

Hi Dan, Suzie and I are so glad to hear that your feeling better and your numbers are climbing. We were really glad that we got a chance to visit with you a couple of weeks ago. We will continue to monitor your progress through this site. Please give our best to Susan.
I never realized you were such a Sox fan. It was very exciting and a great time to be in Chicago.
Peace JR