Friday, October 14, 2005

Morning Update 10/14/05

I misdated my last update. sorry. Today is Friday. right? I continue to do well. Transplant went without a hitch and now we wait for the ruckus to begin (white cells and platelets to go down and my stem cells to start regenerating good cells, and the side effects from the high dose chemo should start any day now). Susan took photos of the whole experience. I'm a bit tired but feel pretty good otherwise. You all continue to overwhelm me with your kind words, thoughts, and prayers. I am so humbled by this entire experience and wonder what I could possibly have done in my life to deserve such a wide network of family and friends with so much generosity, compassion, and love. thank you thank you thank you. Love, Dan


Arlene said...

Hi Dan,

Actually, I think it's just the other way around - You continue to overwhelm all of us by just being you - moving forward, strong and fearless.

I am eagerly awaiting another family karaoke night soon when you are up and about and in a dancing mood. We will have to test out the strength of your new kitchen counters and the patience of our children and your new neighbors!

Love you all,


Jim & Nancy said...

Hey Dan, The Neenan's are looking for a good attorney for yet another fender-bender, no it's not Megan this time but Jimmy seems to be following her track record and could possibly be beating it now! (this is the third rear-ender!) in a year! Jim and I actually found a way to laugh about it and we instantly thought of you! We'll wait till your health is restored, before we hit you up though! I'm sure there will be plenty more accidents to choose from in this family!!! You are in our constant thoughts and prayers. We have a family rosary being said for you with an enormous amount of people showing up in front of the Blessed Mother. May God Bless you! Nancy and Jim

Molly said...

Hi Dan,
You are amazing! You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. Keep on growing those good cells :)

Love you,

HeatherH said...

Dan,so glad to hear that all appears to be going well. The whole Stout Street gang is thinking about you. I love being able to check in on the blog for updates. Hang in there.

Much love, Heather

Mary Rose said...

Dan & Susan. One of Winston Churchill's many sayings seems to apply, "When you're going through hell, keep going!" It's the only way to get to the light. And we are all travelling beside you. Love from Cinci. Mary Rose

Brett said...

I don't know why you would wonder what you've "done" to deserve the love and support you've been given. It's easy to give it to you, Dan, for you have given it to us every day and every hour of our lives. Now it's our turn to give it back, and it feels darn good to do so! I think I'm in the early stages of a cold, which is what has kept me away from the hospital, but hearing your voice and your laughter through your posts helps not seeing you. Be well, my friend.