Sunday, October 23, 2005


Ah, what a great game, not the least reason being that the Sox won. But I understand it's a 7 game series. In typical Bettridge fashion, after calling for ChiSox paraphenalia, Ted and his brother Dennis, appeared in my room yesterday with a ChiSox hat, pennant, 1959 baseball cards, and a 1959 baseball program. They now adorn my room and declare to the world I am a ChiSox fan. What fun! THe Bettridge hearts are huge! thank you Ted and Dennis.

My counts are still at essential 0 (neutrophils--0, white cells--.2, platelets--16). So we wait for engraftment and cell growth. Dr. Rifkin thinks this will be soon as my platelets drop is slowing and there are now some monocytes in my blood, which mean something to him and nothing to me. Still feeling about the same with a little more fatigue. Julia spent yesterday with me working on a term paper. How nice just to spend the day with her.


Doug Kappel said...

For you I am happy the Chisox won but this stage of Euphoria may not last long. Just got out of Church where your name in prayer was mentioned quite often. Just want you to know we are with you even this afternoon when I will be collecting bets on the golf course. I might even raise a toast in your honor. Take care - Doug

Ingrid said...

You got up early today, wow. Hey, it's so great that even the Chisox won for you, see what power you have!
I truly believe how much you must have enjoyed Julia yesterday.
I here am starting to get ready for Wednesday, I took out my luggage and start filling it.
And tomorrow and Tuesday I will run the last errands.
With other words: see you soon :-)

Brother Ted said...

MONOCYTES circulate in the blood after leaving the bone marrow. Monocytes usually circulate in the blood for only a day or so before they enter the tissue to mature into macrophages . Monocyte production and release from the bone marrow is increased during an immune response. In addition, monocytes enter the tissues as resident cells in various locations . These fixed, resident macrophages play an important role in keeping the tissues clear of antigen and debris. More monocytes can be recruited as needed to these and other sites.

Seems like great news to me. It means that the stem cells are starting to do their stuff.

spike said...

Dan, glad to hear you are having visitors and doing well. I haven't had an opinion on the series as neither team is one of mine but seeing as you're a sox fan I've got reason to cheer for them. As always you are in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Spike

Ingrid said...

Thanks to broterh Ted for this great explanation, so seems everything is getting ready for the big good news. Patience is all we need and you Dan, I wish you lots of energy.

May I ask you Dan: what and how do you eat? Hospital food, or can Susan bring you whatever you're in the mood for. And are you allowed to eat whatever you want? And are you still a most appreciating eater for good food, or do you like more simple things now, due to the medications you get. Are you ever hungry?

Dan said...

Ingrid, I am on a restricted diet and cannot eat anything that does not come out of the hospital kitchen OR frozen prepackaged meals (like Stouffers). I can have nothing that was prepared at home or in a restaurant. In addtion, no fresh vegetables or fruit due to potential bacterial contamination. The hospital has a menu I can order from, but it is pretty boring and my stomach has been so upset for the last 10 days that nothing has sounded good. So I usually eat a Stouffers frozen entree, like creamed chipped beef, on toast. Susan has been a dear and always offers to prepare the meal here--via microwave. Today, my stomach is more upset and I couldn't even get that down, I've stuck with plain bagels today. How sad, to be married to the best cook in the world and I can't eat her food.

Tom said...

Hi Dan,
I'm still in Tokyo - returning to the states this evening. Thought you might like to know that Japan is also pulling for the White Sox - all because of Tadahito Iguchi. Headline for the Sports Page of the Asahi Simbun was "Iguchi hitless but Shite Sox take Game 1". Your daily in my thoughts - Love, Tom

Ingrid said...

Hmm, I was afraid so, only reading all your mails, being always in such a good mood, it confused me and I thought food is no matter.
And in regard to: being married to the best cook in the world and not being able to eat her food now: all I want to say is: keep strong boy, I'm sure it's only a matter of time, don't you think so too? Or don't you hopefully know so too?
Did the doctor let you know for how long it will last to be sick to your stomach? Let's hope this is soon history and you feel soon better. Maybe we have to wait that you come out of the hospital.
So for the moment I will not tempt you and not prepare the L.... I don't even want to write the word, knowing now that you're sick to your stomach.
I'm glad I asked, so I know a little better how you're really feeling, and I want to say you again my compliment for being so brave.

Shawn and Jaike said...

So sorry that you don't feel well enough to eat. Hang in there. You are so right, Susan is "the best cook in the world". It is great to hear that Julia loves her school so much.
Fall has come to the Carolinas and it was a beautiful sunny day here yesterday. Jaike and I played 9 holes of golf and walked it in 65 degree weather. Unfortunately our playing did not match the superb beauty of the day but how glorious to be walking in the sunshine. We think of you often Dan and send you love and light. Shawn

Arlene said...

Good Morning,

Congratulations on your big 9th inning win last night. I bet your wishing for a win was truly the kick that homerun swing needed.

As for Suze's cooking. I too am sorry that you are so restricted. She is the best! I tried to teach her everything that I know about the kitchen, and in spite of my best efforts, she goes in that room anyway :) Alas, I too am no help, as order out is on your "No Can Do" list.

Seriously, I am sorry you are feeling so poorly and praying that this passes soon.

Glad that Julia got home and I hope that Catherine feels better soon. Love you all.

Susan - I'll talk to you later.

Love - Me

Rocket Man said...

Hi Dan,

Rumor on the street is you're one of the biggest White Sox fans around. I hope the team's success the last few weeks has provided some sunshine for you as you go through such a difficult time.

Here at the White Sox, we're obviously thrilled with the team's success. But believe me when I tell you, we're not finished yet. Winning the division was awesome, and obviously clinching the pennant was thrilling. But our goal is to bring a World Championship to the city of Chicago - and to loyal Sox fans like you - and we won't be satisfied until we do.

The entire staff - from the interns on up - is headed to Houston tomorrow, and we fully intend to bring that trophy back with us. I hope you're able to watch the games - we'll be the folks dressed head to toe in White Sox gear and (hopefully) screaming our little heads off.

I appreciate that you're sending us good karma, but anyone in the ballpark last night would tell you this: there was a magic in the air unlike anything I've ever felt. The entire ballpark was electric, and every person there knew they were witnessing something amazing. After the game when they replayed Podsednik's home run on the jumbotron, the applause was so loud that he took a second curtain call. The fans couldn't bear to leave.

Why am I telling you this? Because we have all the magic we need. This team is doing something really special, and each of those players understands that in his heart. You focus on making yourself well, and leave this baseball stuff up to us. From Ozzie Guillen, Paul Konerko, Scott Podsednik, Mark Buehrle, Joe Crede, Aaron Rowand and the gang: this World Series is for fans like you. Savor it as we are, and know that we are doing it for you. You take care of you, and we'll take care of getting that championship to the South Side of Chicago where it belongs.

My warm regards, Katie Kirby, Chicago White Sox director of public relations

Rocket Man said...

Dan -

The city of Chicago was alive today with the celebration of our World Series victory. We guessed that close to a million people turned out for the event, which was the most breathtaking and emotional experience of my life. Fans lined the streets throughout the city and made our celebration truly joyous. (WGN got quite a bit of coverage, so I expect you'll be able to see quite it from your home, which must be a nice place to be right now. If not, I know already has photos posted).

I hope you're feeling strong. I told you we'd take care of this baseball thing for you.

Katie Kirby