Monday, October 17, 2005

Monday morning

still doing OK. White counts and platelets are dropping as they should. Expect they will hit bottom in a few days. Start neupogen shots tomorrow to stimulate cell growth from the new stem cells, which should occur some 7 to 10 days later, and which will then bring up the white counts. Side effects more likely to hit as counts drop. Thank you Ingrid for the wonderful connection to Tuscany. We have certainly missed what we hoped would be an annual September trip to Italy, but your post gave us focus that we will be there again next year. Love, Dan & Susan


Dan said...

thank you for the invitation to become an honorary Southsider. I am very honored. Rescinding my membership in the Northside might prove difficult. I do want to be a Southsider because we know no one is tougher than the southsiders and toughness is what I need. You check with your southside friends and I'll check with my northside friends and let's see whether I can get that honorary membership. Thanks for your thoughts Howie, it's nice to be back in touch with you. Dan

Mike Rosenberg said...


I would like to come by to see you sometime this week. Let me know if you are up to it and, if so, when the best time would be. Otherwise, let me know when a good time would be to talk on the phone. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Love, Mike

spike said...

Dan, good to hear things are going as expected. Lynne and I send our good thoughts and prayers to you and Susan daily.Thank you for your strength. spike

Mike Kerins said...

Hope everything is going as well as it can be during this time. Just wanted to say hi to you and Mrs. Patterson. You’re in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you’re sporting the “Dreadlock Rasta Tam” hat (I had to look the name of the hat up online). - Mike

Dan's Mom said...

Mrs. Joswick,aka Mike,and I returned from Denver on Sunday. Dan is in great spirits and is fighting with all he has to get well. He has an exercise bike in his room to ride,walks down the hall and is eating well. In fact I went for a walk with him and he said,"Mom, you can go back to the room and wait for me." I was slowing him down. We are all delighted with his progress. It is wonderful to hear from all the guys from high school. Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers. Dan's Mom