Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Wednesday 10/19/05

Everything is about the same as yesterday, except the counts are closer to 0. Still feeling about the same--I'm doing OK. We are at Day +6, which is 6 days after transplant. Being bored,I have been told,is a good thing under these circumstances. I think I'll try some books on tape today. Dan


Ingrid said...

Well, my dear, if you're really bored, why don't you ask question number 2° ???
Or why don't you tell me:
Is Susan or somebody else there with you?
Do you have a room on your own??? I would think so, but just to know.
Is there any nice view out of your room, to a garden?
Did you watch the leaves falling off the trees?
What do you eat every day? Hospital kitchen or does Susan bring you something delicious every day?
At what time of the day do you eat?
What for breakfast, what for Lunch and what for dinner?
And tell me a little bit more about your daily routine.

Ingrid said...

Sorry, did not see that you had posted question n° 2 already.
Hmmm, you're good. Very good, you're even too close to the result, that takes away a lot of fun, but what can I do if you're so good. Or did I tell you too much?
Now if the difference between photograph and picture is that the photograph is made with a camera and the picture painted, then I guess I have to say photograph.
And question number 3° ???

Tom said...

Hey Dan,
I'm in Tokyo now. Had a slight earthquake last night which bounced the hotel around a bit, but everything landed as it should. Hope you find some good audio books - I continue to enjoy the book you gave me during my visit: The Heart of the World. My love to you brother -


Shawn and Jaike said...

Hi Dan,
Good to hear that all you are is bored. An old friend use to tell me as a child that "bored people are boring". Dan, you are NEVER boring, so buck up Danno and grab your needlepoint. You could create a masterpiece in a month!! I'm reading "Blood Done Sign My Name". A true story about a racial killing in Oxford, NC years ago. Hey, there is always baseball in October......and if you live in Chicago (Alexis) you are a happy camper. love you,
It is true, October is the best time to watch America's pastime. You can lie down on the couch or in your case something a bit less homey, watch a little, then snooze a minute only to be jarred awake with the roar of the crowd and the call "its a hard hit down the third base line, the runners advancing, here comes the throw and... he is safe!!!" And then you can snooze a little more. Great game.
Since the Red Sox finally won the World Series last year, us New Englanders are magnanimous and we don't care who wins except it should be the American League team just on general principles. I still have my original Colorado Rockies King Soopers inuagural commemorative souvenir ball signed by Dante Bichette. Actually, it is really Alexis' but I stood in line. And where the hell is Dante now, anyway?
Watch some ball, Dan, good for the soul.
Love - Jaike

Ingrid said...

Ok, it is Thursday already, 11:30 am there in Denver, I waited long enough, but it seems there are no news from your side today. I have to admit, you spoiled me with this daily update.
And of course, now I worry, whether everything is fine ???
Or maybe you're simply tired, which would be most understood, and you just try to relax for one day.
But try not to get too weak now, no excuses accepted from me, you have to fight, because you will win !!! And I in my mind am fighting with you, just like Susan does and your girls do and all us bloggers here do. We all fight in our mind with you and have only positive thoughts about the future. Each of us in his own way, but still all together we try to send you the power and strenght to continue to fight.
You will have enough time, once all of that is over, to relax.
We all love you and Susan, so don't give up, not now, that you're soooooooo close to success!

Arlene said...


It's 2:30 here in NY. I was online this morning and no blog. I just got back from a meeting upstate and logged on and no blog.

I have to say I'm on the same page with Ingrid waiting for today's report, so BLOG ON BROTHER MAN!

Lynne said...

Hi Dan,

I'm hoping that you're so engrossed in a book on tape that you haven't had time for any blogging! Mike and I have been listening to books for many years. If you'd like, we'll send you titles of some of our favorites. I, too, am waiting for an update.

bri said...

hullo dan:
just a short note to let you know i'm with you.
what kind of books do you like to read.
i love john irving. for fun reading carl heisen is
very entertaining. not sure i got the spelling rite.
later bud,