Friday, October 28, 2005

Friday Update

I know how upset you bloggers get when there is no report from me, so here is today's report. I saw my doctor this morning (as an outpatient in the clinic--how nice) and had blood drawn and received another neupogen shot. My counts continue to rise. My white count is now at 1.5 (normal being about 3.9 to 8), and my neutrophils are now at 1000 (not sure what normal is but I am considered no longer neutropenic when I have 2 consecutive days of 1500. I should get there in a few days.) We have daily visits to the clinic for the next few days for blood draws and shots, but that should lessen over the next few weeks. I asked the BIG QUESTION today, which is, do we know how effective the melphalan was in getting at my myeloma. The answer is no, and we won't know for another 60 to 90 days when they will do more bone marrow biopsies to see the degree, if any, of myeloma cells I still have. Those test results will, of course, dictate the future course of treatment or nontreatment. Surprisingly, the 60 to 90 day wait period feels good to me. I look at it as a time to get my energy back, get off all the drugs I've been taking, and to start feeling better. This disease has forced me to learn to let the future take care of itself and to live for the day. So that is what I hope to do for the next 2 to 3 months, one day at a time. And finally, don't you just love those SOX! Thanks again for all the good cheer. (oh, and Mike P.--I have yet to see elk steaks as a recommended food for cancer survivors, but then what do those nutritionists know anyway)
Love, Dan


Arlene said...


I was just leaving work and thought I would check to see if you were on today. Get some rest and enjoy your home.

I was thinking this morning about the whole White Sox win and thought you probably only would have been happier if they were from NORTH DAKOTA, but then I thought they would be called something stupid like The Bismarck Wool Socks, so it is best you are a Chicago fan!:)

Talk to you guys over the weekend. Love to Suze and the girls.


Rich Boulger said...

Dan and Bloggers,

As a relatively new blogger I realized that I have not introduced myself. I am Dan's cousin Rich. I grew up in North Dakota, although in another town than Dan did. Our families were able to see one another quite frequently however. The highlight of my summer was always spending a week with Dan and his family. Dan was slightly older than me and was someone I admired. He was smart, funny and athletic. He took me under his wing whenever we were together. I always strived to be like him. I now, once again, find that I admire him and like all of you do and hope that one day when I need it I will have the kind of support he has from all of you. Once again I strive to be like him.

Dan, I am delighted that you are home. Hang in there as I am pulling for you. I look forward to spending time with you in the future as we did in the past.

Love, Rich

PS the Sox parade was huge in Chicago today.